Have a question about volunteering at SALI? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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How old do I have to be to volunteer?

The minimum age for adult, unsupervised volunteers is 19 years old. People under 19 are welcome (and encouraged!) to volunteer, providing that they have parental or guardian supervision while at the farm.

What are the volunteer hours at SALI?

We have 2 shifts per day, 7 days a week. Morning shift is between 9am-12pm, and afternoon shift is between 3-5pm.

What commitment do I have to offer as a volunteer?

We ask you to commit to volunteering with us for at least 6 months. This is because of the time that goes into your training. We also ask that you commit to a regular schedule of at least one 2 hour shift every week, or every other week. All volunteers must also be members of SALI. You can sign up for membership here.

Do I need to have experience with animals or children?

No experience is necessary! We provide all the training. We just ask that you have a kind heart, compassionate nature, and are willing to learn.

What are the volunteer requirements for the Children's Program?

We ask that you be available for as many of the session as possible (ideally all!) since you are paired 1 to 1 with a child. There are 8 sessions, once a week over 8 weeks, and all dates/times are provided in advance. You must also obtain a Criminal Background Check from the RCMP. You can find out more information on their website. 

Why do all volunteers of SALI have to be members?

We want you to be part of our community! By becoming a member of SALI, it means you support our mission and vision. It's important to us that our volunteers share our vision, as you truly make it possible for SALI to exist. You can find out more about membership here.

Is the farm accessible by public transit?

We are about a 15 minute walk away from a bus stop @ 24th Ave / 176th Street (WB 24 Ave FS 176 St)

Why isn't your address anywhere on the website?

Our address is not published in order to protect the children in the programs, as well as the private residence on the property. Once you confirm attendance at an orientation, or set up an appointment to visit the farm with our staff, you will be informed of the exact address. We are located in South Surrey, BC in the vicinity of Redwood Park.