Wish List

All the animals have been so good this year giving hugs, kisses and unconditional love to children who visit the farm. Their Christmas Wish List is to have you as a sponsor.  Choose an animal, any size donation and print a personal note to let us know where you would like your donation to go.  This also makes a great gift. Just print the recipient's name and address on the donation message and we will send them a thank you card, photo and story.  

Sponsor An Animal


Any size donation will help this furry white soul with his regular care 


Any size donation will help this handsome senior with his regular care


Any size donation will help our 6 furry bunnies with their regular care


Any size donation will help care for our beautiful blind pregnant cow


Any size donation will help this white furry social butterfly with his regular care


Any size donation will help this magnificent bird with his regular care


Any size donation will help this super friendly barn cat with his regular care


Any size donation will help baby Peanut grow into a happy, healthy cow


Any size donation will help this mischievous horse with his regular care


Any size donation will help our beautiful black bird with her regular care


Any size donation will help "Princess" with her regular care

For Our Farm

Donate Now

For the price of a cup of coffee, 5 bucks a month will help us cover our expenses. Monthly donations are priceless, they bring us Peace of Mind.

Donate Now

Help us fill our hay loft! $7 per bale (we order 75 bales at a time). This is one of our biggest expenses. We go through 2 bales a day.

Donate Now

(2) Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow

$310 each


We wish for Peace on Earth and Kindness to All.

Picture of the Nest Cam that is for sale at Canadian Tire and on

More nest cams so we can broadcast
the whole farm. 
(Except for when the Children are here :)

 Thank you for watching and sharing the 
NEST Outdoor webcam: donated by Keryn & Buzz Denroche.

Donate Now

2 x Dura Carts for all those heavy duty jobs around the farm. $400 each. Thank you Buzz Denroche for 1 cart!

Donate Now

Premium wood pellets $4.50 per bag (we order a delivery of 50 bags). This is used for bedding for goats, horses and cows.

Donate Now

Help renovate the barn to house 3 cows! Gracie, Peanut and baby to be (due in the Spring). $500
Thank you Janis Wetherall for full donation!


(5) Cow Fence Panels
$78.95 per panel
To help enlarge our cow paddock for 3 cows!