Wish List

We are constantly upgrading our farm to make it a better place for our animals and for the at-risk children that come visit us. You can choose something on this list and make a note on your donation. If you would like to help us out with our monthly purchases (for example animal feed), please choose that item and make a note on your donation.  This also makes a great gift. Just print the recipient's name and address on the donation message and we will send them a thank you card, photo and story.


Provide dental care to Badger & Chase
$ 58 Farm Call
$250 Dental each horse

$558 Total

Donate Today
Donate Today

Help us fill our hay loft! $7 per bale (we order 75 bales at a time).


Cost to build Children's Garden Arbour & Picket Fence $500.  We needed this built to keep the goats from eating the veggies & flowers. 

Donate Today
Donate Today

Premium wood pellets $4.50 per bag (we order a delivery of 50 bags).  This is used for bedding for goats and horses.

Donate Today

For the price of a cup of coffee, 5 bucks a month would help us cover our expenses.  Monthly donations are priceless, they bring us Peace of Mind


We wish for Peace on Earth and Kindness to All

Cost to build $300. Thank you to Ross & Dee Sterling for full donation!

Dura Cart for all those heavy duty jobs around the farm.  $400

Goat play fort for Barney & Clyde.
$300 for supplies for base (we have lots of pallets for the upper part and ramp)